Managing Talent Amidst Disruption and Uncertainty

The continuing pandemic, rising concerns around social justice and economic uncertainty are driving firms to pivot their talent management strategies to protect their people, clients and their bottom line. Years of effort cultivating trust, engagement, motivation and retention could be undone if your tone or actions don’t hit the right chord during this challenging period. Attend this session to explore various methods for critical talent considerations to employ to protect your firm’s investment and lock in your high-potential team members in for the long-term. Together we’ll discuss:

  • Establishing clear cultural and talent commitments at the senior leadership level to guide your talent decisions and investments
  • Evaluating changes in talent programs and policies to be responsive to change and communicating those changes in a way that builds confidence in your firm’s future
  • Identifying programs to keep investing in versus the programs you’ll need to pause or defer
  • Retaining your 9-box super stars despite the uncertainty and changes you face

Leave this session prepared to manage disruption and change in a motivating and engaging way!

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