Mentoring Your NextGen Leaders

Building a team of NextGen leaders is a challenge most organizations face today. NextGen leaders are clearly different from current leaders, including their use of technology, collaborative approach to projects, and their feedback expectations and communication approaches. Motivating and supporting NextGen leaders requires a shift in our approach to mentoring and developing them. Attend this session to explore the changes we can expect from our NextGen leaders and strategies and approaches to be effective mentors for them, including:

  • Understanding the differences and expectations of your NextGen leaders
  • Developing rapport with your NextGen leaders and really “knowing” them
  • Building a collaborative environment where your NextGen leaders can be involved in planning, decision-making and executing deliverables
  • Understanding the role of reverse mentoring and making feedback a two-way street
  • Being an advocate as well as a mentor so your NextGen leaders are represented and have visibility with current leadership

Leave this session with an approach and at least one action you can take to develop a pipeline of bright NextGen leaders!

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