Methods for Soliciting and Being Truly Open To Feedback from Others

We all have areas where we can improve and yet it can be challenging to discuss them.  In this session, we’ll explore methods for being truly open and receptive to feedback from others, creating a culture of “get better” on your engagements and teams and putting yourself in a position of respect and trust so that others are inspired to also receive feedback well.  In the session, we’ll cover:

  • Outmoded ways of thinking that create fears around feedback
  • Ways to solicit honest, constructive feedback on your performance and the things you manage
  • Verbal and non-verbal do’s and don’ts when receiving feedback
  • Ways for handling feedback that you don’t necessarily agree with
  • What to do with feedback to ensure that improvement occurs and the other party feels heard

Leave this session ready to try new techniques for improving your personal performance and enhancing the clients, engagements and initiatives you manage.

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