Practicing in Concert – Gaining Partner and Firm Alignment

Too often, we allow the day-to-day issues of running our practices and delivering client service to cloud our vision for the future of the firm. Even worse, as time passes, our cloudy vision seems to differ slightly (or significantly) from the vision of our partners and our people. Attend this session to develop strategies for regaining clarity on your firm’s vision, gaining buy-in and commitment on that vision, and learning the steps necessary to achieve it from your partners and staff as a whole. In this session, we’ll cover methods for:

  • Honestly assessing the current state of your practice, your service lines, and each other
  • Quickly identifying the highest impact actions you can take to grow
  • Managing conflict and gaining unity among the partner group on which actions you’ll take first
  • Determining who will take the lead on each of the actions or initiatives you’ll undertake
  • Developing a process for accountability that ensures that those actions are taken

This session is guaranteed to motivate you to return to your firm ready to develop a culture of clarity and collaboration.

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