Proposals That Win: Effectively Negotiating to Close More Business

You’re ready to propose your firm’s solution, and you want to be sure that you’re selected. Ensuring that your prospect or client feels that you understand their challenges – and how to help solve them – is key to increasing your potential for winning the engagement. At the same time, your client or prospect needs to see the value in the solution that you are proposing. In this session, we’ll explore how to navigate the nuances of proposing your solution, including:

  • Identifying your firm’s value proposition to your prospect’s problems and how it addresses their needs
  • Determining who should be involved in the preparation and delivery of your proposed solution
  • Delivering a winning proposal and structuring an effective presentation
  • Handling objections as they arise – and uncovering the silent objections, too

Leave this session with ideas that you can immediately apply to increase your firm’s engagement sales success!

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