Recruiting, Retaining, and Performance Management – an Advanced Study (1-day workshop)

Your team structure is the key to your firm’s success. In this workshop, intended for firm administrators, HR managers, and partners responsible for HR, we’ll take recruiting and retention topics to a deeper level and share best practices in attracting the right people (and weeding out the wrong ones!) to maximize the performance of your firm’s existing team members.

Topics to be discussed include:

  • Recruiting positioning methods to attract the right people to your firm
  • Screening techniques to identify under doers, high-maintenance, and other unqualified candidates
  • Orientation methods to familiarize them up-to-speed quickly, including:
    • New employee orientation processes
    • Buddy programs
    • Mentoring programs
  • Providing true flexible work arrangements that appeal to all team members, engage your people, and produce results
  • Performance management must-haves to set expectations, spur motivation, and manage disappointments in employee performance

This action-packed day will combine lecture, group discussion and brainstorming, and exercises to ensure eye-opening insights that you can apply to enhance your firm’s recruiting and retention programs immediately.

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