Reframing Common Generational Complaints – For All Generations

We’re hearing a lot about the younger generation and the impact they’re having in our firms. The shifting demographics offer an enormous opportunity to improve collaboration and efficiency and “building a better mousetrap.” But first, firm leaders have to set aside their resentment about changes being thrust upon them and young CPAs need give up their frustration that change is too slow. It is critical that firm leaders – mature and up-and-coming -- let go of common generational complaints and consider the different perspectives that will lead to collaborative problem solving. Attend this session to explore common complaints we have about “the other” generations and ways to reframe these “problems” into opportunities. In this session, we’ll explore common concerns and possible solutions, including:

  • Time and perceived effort
  • Accountability and commitment to the firm
  • Over-reliance on technology
  • Leadership and talent development
  • Letting go of control and holding on to too much responsibility

Take personal responsibility for giving up your leadership complaints and get into action building a future-focused firm poised for enhanced collaboration and success.

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