Remote and Hybrid Work: Strategies to Change the Way We Think and Manage

Challenged with firm leaders or team members who aren’t convinced remote or blended work will work? ConvergenceCoaching facilitators and remote-work experts will help you understand and then shift old thought patterns, reimagine business model inhibitors and address the common objections that impede the move to a truly anytime, anywhere work environment. In this highly interactive session, we'll workshop strategies for addressing the most common hybrid-work challenges and objections including how to maintain your culture, deliver real learning in a remote/hybrid environment, maximize team productivity, trust that the work is getting done, develop business in other geographies, and more. In this session, we will:

  • Identify your remote or hybrid philosophies that will work for your firm
  • Recognize the expectation and management adjustments to deliver learning and develop new business development to align with your remote or hybrid work environment
  • Apply technology to ensure productivity
  • Deploy management techniques that foster mutual trust and accountability

Attend this course to increase buy-in of remote and hybrid work at your firm!

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