Remote Work: Securing the Health of Your Practice, Team and Clients Amidst Covid-19

With concerns over COVID-19, there’s a heightened focus on maintaining the health of your practice and people and moving to work from home. Firms are scrambling to execute crisis management strategies and maintain the right tone at the top, too.  And now the country’s health imperative is driving CPA firm leaders to give up their attachment to their traditional work norms of “face time” and mandated office hours to make an abrupt move to a remote work model. Attend this session to explore best practices to preserve the health of your business, serve your clients and manage team members in a remote environment by:

  • Enacting crisis management leadership strategies to ensure your business stays healthy during this economic “pause”
  • Employing social distancing and enabling remote work for your team and clients
  • Deploying technology to schedule, communicate, collaborate and deliver
  • Managing expectations – yours, theirs, and the clients’ including measuring output, deliverables and timelines
  • Outreaching to clients to provide them the immediate support they need to weather this storm

Attend this session to enable your team to deliver and serve clients through these unprecedented times.

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