Right-size Your Client Base for a Healthier Firm (for Marketing Professionals)

Across the profession, firms are facing tremendous opportunity yet have limited time to capitalize on it. It is hard to get your leaders to focus on selling new clients and engagements when they are overwhelmed. One strategy to free up your growth resources is to undertake a client pruning initiative and reduce your firm's client load. When you implement a selective reduction strategy, you'll increase your ability to say yes to the right clients. In this session, we'll share tried and true strategies to support a truly successful client reduction initiative. The learning objectives for this course are to:

  • List the six compelling reasons that culling is the right strategy for your firm, you leaders, your team members, and even your clients
  • Recognize how to get started quickly and impactfully with timing and an approach that honors relationships with long-standing clients
  • Identify strategic communication strategies and consistent position statements to protect your brand and reputation in your communities
  • Recognize potential barriers that might get in the way of a pruning initiative and how to proactively overcome them

A client reduction strategy isn't easy, yet it's the fastest way to create capacity, open your firm up to new growth, and demonstrate your commitment to improve the work life of your increasingly weary team members. Leave this session prepared to expand your capacity immediately!

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