Selling to Target Accounts to Close More "A" Clients

Whether you have a pipeline full of opportunities or need to generate more prospective clients, you want to ensure that your team is focused on closing the ideal (or close to ideal) target clients instead of opportunistically closing engagements that use resources but aren’t best for the firm. We’ll explore ideas to help you be more strategic in your business development efforts and engage in target account selling activities. After completing this session, you will be able to:

  • Identify (or reconfirm) your ideal target client – or sweet spot – for your firm’s most important service lines and initiatives
  • Distinguish the role of client relationship managers and their objectives in the target account selling process
  • Recognize how to use LinkedIn to support your target account selling and business development activities
  • Formulate how to effectively manage the target account sales pipeline process to support your team and increase their sales success

Leave this session with a strategic approach to uncovering – and engaging – the best clients for your firm!

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