Staff and Administration Development: Personal Productivity and Professionalism (1-day workshop)

Attend this workshop to maximize your effectiveness, professionalism, and inspiration. In this session, we’ll explore time and stress management techniques, identify the hallmarks of a true professional and discover methods for more effective communication. These will all help you build a foundation for ongoing career success and satisfaction. When you attend, you’ll learn:

  • Factors that can lead to stress in your personal and professional life and ideas to help mitigate them
  • How to create your optimal work style and work environment and ways to minimize distractions in the workplace
  • Methods for prioritizing the things on your to-do list so that you can accomplish more in less time
  • Techniques for getting and staying focused until your tasks are complete
  • Techniques to achieve success including:
    • Goal setting
    • Affirmations
    • Visualization
    • Centering or meditation
  • How to convey confidence through a professional appearance and image
  • Identify your current conflict management style and the internal conversations you engage in that keep you from addressing problems you face
  • Practice two different methods for approaching difficult conversations

Leave this session with strategies you can implement to increase your confidence, get more done in less time, and enhance your credibility!

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