Successfully Managing Change Amidst Uncertainty

The only thing constant in life is change. As a performance manager, you and your assigned staff are faced with all kinds of change, including changes in standards and processes, internal firm changes, transitions within the client base and more. Most of the time, change brings feelings of uncertainty and can lead to discomfort and even disengagement. As a leader in your firm, your role is to help your staff navigate change positively and keep them focused on the things they can impact. In this interactive session, we’ll discuss strategies for leading through change including:

  • Remembering the normal change adoption process and where you fall on the change curve
  • Methods for getting the facts and asking the right questions of the right people
  • Identifying the potential benefits of change and engaging in and encouraging hopeful interpretations
  • Tactfully discouraging triangulation
  • Raising concerns or objections upstream so they can be resolved
  • Leave this session able to confidently lead yourself and others through times of change.

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