Tap Into the Promise of Generation Z

Gen Z makes up 24% of the US population in 2024 and is expected to represent 20% of the country’s workforce in 2025. Independent, eager to make a difference, and craving opportunity, these young up-and-comers can have a highly positive impact on the future of your firm. But to attract and keep them, you’ll need to satisfy their desire for flexibility, fast career growth, and a feeling of well-being while also enrolling them in driving business model transformation and growth in your firm. In this interactive session, we’ll explore strategies that will position you as an employer of choice for Gen Z talent, where you will:

  • Recognize key demographic trends driving the need to engage Gen Z early and often
  • Identify simple actions to invest in your Gen Z talent (and others, too) to elevate and grow them faster
  • Outline ways to tap into Gen Z’s desire for stability while also fulfilling their craving for making an impact and experiencing new things
  • Describe simple and effective ways to support your Gen Z team members so they can achieve their desired level of success and, ultimately, stay and grow with your firm

Leave this session with specific actions that will help your firm attract, engage, and retain Gen Z as a critical piece of your firm’s talent pool!

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