Technology Must-Haves For Effective Remote and Blended Work

This course is for all team members.

A number of factors have given rise to a permanent blend of remote and in-person work in our profession and the general economy. Advances in computing, mobile devices, high-speed connectivity and the growing value of the internet, along with demographic shifts, are all making it a reality. At the heart of your firm’s remote and blended work strategy is the technology that enables it. If you strive to be a remote-ready firm, positioned to borderlessly recruit talent and serve clients, then we can't overemphasize the importance of investments in YOUR technology infrastructure. In this session, we’ll explore:

  • The importance of “digital” when working remote and ways to root out paper-based protocols
  • Remote tech enablers that support a blended team
  • Investing in the right “anywhere work” set up for every team member – even after returning to the office
  • BONUS - Opening up advisory opportunities to support your clients on this same journey!

Leave this session armed with practical strategies for progressing your firm’s remote technology infrastructure.

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