The Rise of Gen Z

While Millennials are projected to be the largest generation in the workforce until at least 2025, a new cohort is disrupting how leaders approach recruiting, retention, and engagement in the workplace and eventually, in the client base. All generations have their own unique view that influences the culture of your firm. Learning the similarities and differences that our newest workforce generation, Gen Z brings, will give your firm an edge on talent. In this interactive session, we’ll explore what makes Gen Z “tick” and the approaches to attract and engage Gen Z talent, including:

  • Defining the characteristics of Gen Z
  • Identifying the similarities and differences between Millennial and Gen Z talent
  • Recognizing people first initiatives to differentiate your firm in the eyes of the Gen Z workforce
  • Understanding how Gen Z buying motives may influence your approach to client service

Leave this session ready to embrace the incoming generation and engage talent with a powerful employment strategy!

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