Transforming CAS Pricing & Packaging 

CAS practices across the country are demonstrating the incredible difference they can make for clients. Growth is up, and service providers are in high demand. Yet traditional time and materials pricing methodologies don’t communicate or capture the value created, limiting profitability of this fast-growing service area and inhibiting investments in staffing and technology. Attend this interactive session to explore creative packaging and pricing strategies. Learning objectives for this course include:

  • Outline why CAS is uniquely positioned to “pilot” creative pricing strategies
  • Recognize ways to position CAS to elevate it in the minds of partners, referral sources, and prospects (including existing clients!)
  • Identify creative packaging and pricing strategies and choose the right one for each of your CAS offerings
  • Apply internal and market-facing communications strategies to create buy-in to the new pricing ideas you’d like to try as well as make “space” to tweak your plans over time

Leave with concrete, actionable ideas that will drive profitability and grow your CAS practice.

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