Trust: Developing It, Maintaining It, and Repairing It

People who trust you will engage meaningfully with you, work tirelessly for you, support you, and will speak highly of you, too. Trust is as powerful an element of success as any other and is one of the most important characteristics of an inspired, unified, and difference-making team. And yet, workplace surveys (and our experience) show that employees do not trust their employers, co-workers do not trust their peers, and owners do not trust their partners. Wow! Attend this session to explore the cornerstones of trust in your relationships with others, focusing on those with staff, peers, partners, and clients. In this session, you will learn:

  • How trust is earned and maintained
  • Trust-building behaviors including integrity, accountability, and straight talk
  • What to do when trust erodes or is broken
  • The fundamentals of forgiveness

Leave this session with insights and actions you can take to enhance the trust you have in your relationships and in your firm.

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