Virtual Work Programs Win the Race!

The impending retirement of our nation’s Baby Boomers will cause a labor shortage greater than we’ve experienced in the past. Firms that provide motivational and engaging environments will win in the recruiting-and-retention race. Attend this session to explore the sometimes-controversial subject of workplace flexibility and learn how firms are making the shift to support virtual work environments. In this session, we’ll discuss various elements of virtual work including:

  • Getting buy-in to pilot virtual work teams and/or team members
  • Managing expectations – yours, theirs, and the clients’
  • Communication and accountability techniques to ensure success
  • Technology and other implications

If your firm is challenged finding great people in your market, managing teamwork across offices, or keeping people once they start families or manage long commutes, or, now is the perfect time to develop a virtual work strategy to enhance employee engagement and position your firm to win.

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