We’ve Developed Our Vision. Now What?

When firms take the time to develop their vision for the future, they sometimes think that’s their big finish line. But the real work is in developing the strategies and tactics to drive the firm toward your intended destination and to integrate the vision into the firm’s day-to-day activities. Without integration, your vision is just another set of lofty ideas destined to be dusted off and revisited in the years to come. Don’t let that happen! Instead, attend this session focused on the implementation of your firm’s vision, where we will discuss:

  • Communicating the vision to all partners and staff on an ongoing basis
  • Assigning ownership for the vision’s most important components and ensuring clear annual measures in each
  • Integrating the vision into the firm’s annual strategic plan and partner and staff goals
  • Assessing status toward the vision on an ongoing basis
  • Standing firm in the bold decisions you’ve made but also flexing as market opportunities arise

At the conclusion of this session, you’ll be better able to realize your vision by connecting it to the firm’s strategies and day-to-day operations.

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