What Does It Really Take to Be One Firm?

We hear firm leaders tout, “We’re one firm.” Yet, when we assess their practice, we find many behaviors, processes, and measures that are counter to true unity.  

The concept of one firm was devised to alleviate the impact the partnership model has had on public accounting, where an entrepreneurial business model turned instead into a siloed management structure or what is referred to as an “eat what you kill” model. These silos result in a lack of teamwork, hoarding, duplication of effort, a lack of leverage, limited or inconsistent investment in people, and more. To address these issues, firm leaders must shift to a one-firm concept where firm leaders strive to operate in a unified way, rather than as individual silos.  

In this session, we’ll define what a one-firm business model is – and what it is not – in the areas of:  

  • Leadership behaviors
  • Compensations models
  • Partner buy/sell structures
  • Service line management and work scheduling
  • Remote and hybrid work

Leave better able to reap the benefits of the one-firm model and lead your firm's partners and team members as "one firm."

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