Demographic shifts and new technology innovations are driving unprecedented change. Today’s market presents seemingly unlimited opportunity for serving clients but with increased challenges for finding, retaining and preparing talent to serve them. Leaders who recognize this shift and make the necessary business model changes stand the best chance of remaining relevant, competitive and sustainable. In this session, we’ll explore strategies to proactively prepare for and drive changes to ensure your competitive advantage, including:

  • Solving the capacity challenge with creative new strategies to access talent, narrow client focus and leveraging technology
  • Leveraging a remote and blended talent and client management approach to truly achieve borderless reach
  • Elevating pricing, billing and benchmarking methods to reflect today’s market and needs and inspire a higher level of performance
  • Enhancing your value to clients with a broader, advisory approach that leverages the full resources of the firm

Leave this session with a clearer picture of the business model shifts you’ll need to make to have talent and clients proud to work at – or with — your firm.

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