Win More Pursuits to Close More Business

Ensuring that your prospect or client feels that you understand their challenges – and how to solve them – is key to engaging new client service opportunities. At the same time, your client or prospect needs to see the value in the solution you are proposing. In this session, we’ll explore how to package and position your firm’s services so that their value is understood. We’ll also learn how to navigate the nuances of the business development process, including:

  • Qualification techniques and other identification methods to help you uncover client and prospect needs
  • Choosing the right pursuit team with clear role definition to set you up to win
  • Approaches to effectively articulate your solution, product, or service to demonstrate value – and knowing when to “tell” versus “ask”
  • Overcoming objections and methods for uncovering silent objections, too

Leave this session with ideas that you can immediately apply to win more pursuits and increase your sales success!

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