Women as Powerful Leaders and Communicators (1-day workshop)

This session will help you gain power and confidence in your role as a leader, mentor, and manager. Together, we’ll explore the unique elements that cause you to behave, communicate, and react the way that you do when working with others. We’ll focus on the things that make you unique and discuss strategies to enable you to be a more cohesive and collaborative leader, including:

  • Gender differences and ways to bring out the best in both genders and avoid stereotypical traps
  • Personality differences, beginning with an understanding of your own personality preferences using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator or DISC Assessment
  • Communication strategies designed to motivate, navigate difficult conversations, and compel others to follow your lead

Attend this workshop and learn how to capitalize on your unique gifts, minimize inhibitors, and be a more inspiring leader and communicator!

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