Women Who Win: Strategies for Ensuring Career Success

The corporate world has made huge strides in the representation of both genders, however, leadership still lags. While just under half of new CPAs are women, not quite a fifth of women in the public accounting profession hold partnership positions. It can be challenging to pinpoint a definitive answer to why more women haven't climbed the ladder. That's why it's important to consider a variety of factors and work to address them. In this session, we'll explore four ideas and how you can manage them to your advantage, including:

  • Having it all by balancing family and your career
  • Freely expressing yourself in the workplace
  • Ensuring your free expression is perceived as you intended
  • Exhibiting a professional, polished and empowered presence in the workplace

Attend this session to identify factors that can hold women back from leadership positions and learn strategies for reaching the career level you're working toward!

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