You’re NEVER Too Busy to Give Feedback

You’re in the middle of busy season, with multiple engagements in play and the team running in fifteen different directions. Are you investing your precious gift of time by providing acknowledgement, coaching and career input to the people working on your jobs, in your groups or assigned to you? If not, you’re missing an opportunity to deliver the information your team members need to improve, grow and stay motivated. Attend this session to learn new strategies for delivering feedback no matter how busy you are. We’ll discuss:

  • Why the best feedback is candid and honest, and best practices for framing it in a way that can be heard by the receiver
  • Understanding the benefits of positive and constructive feedback and better balancing your delivery of both
  • Delivering specific feedback that the receiver can immediately put into action
  • Strategies for getting feedback to your team members in a timely manner – even during the busiest of times!

Leave this session armed with new techniques for getting your team members the feedback they need to feel invested in and appreciated!

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