Wilson2009blog I have been so lucky this holiday season because I have been home for most of the month of December, something that doesn’t usually happen.  While this may not be ideal economically, it has provided me an opportunity to really revel in the benefits of being home for the holidays which have included:


  • Getting the tree up before mid-month
  • Attending all of my children’s holiday programs and school parties
  • Watching my 80 year-old mom sing holiday carols around town with the Offuttaires
  • Hosting a holiday luncheon and not begrudging it
  • Still shopping online, but not having to Fed Ex everything for emergency delivery
  • Taking our church youth group caroling and teaching the kids about sharing the joy of the season without reserve (and with a tinge of embarrassment about having to hang out with a mom like me)

While I share these benefits with my tongue a little in cheek, being home has allowed me to rediscover the joy of the season in the excited faces of school-aged children, the beautiful sounds of the season and in simple traditions that this year feel special, instead of obligatory.

Sometimes, in our busiest, most blessed periods in life, the pace and stress keep us from really feeling the fun of it all.  The universe has imposed a slow down on me this December, and on so many others, too – and in the quiet and uncertainty, I have found peace and pleasure.  

While I can’t tell you that I’ll pray that this stillness continues indefinitely, I am committed to revel in it while it’s here.  I am working to remember that the next phase, once busy again, will cause me to pack my bags frequently and travel away from my home and family to spread the message of leadership responsibility and organizational unity to others. 

That time will come soon enough.  Until then, I feel blessed to be in this great nation, experiencing the warmth of my home, the laughter of my family and the time to pray about, and plan for, the future.   I am also grateful for the opportunity to share life’s rich experiences with you, our readers and contributors.  Thank you for a wonderful year.

On behalf of the entire ConvergenceCoaching team, we wish you peace, joy, love and prosperity in the new year ahead.   And if you find the time in your holiday hustle (or hush), share how you’re feeling when you have a chance.  We’d love to hear from you!



P.S.  To celebrate the joy of this season and honor our hard-working team, we will close our offices from December 24 through January 3, reopening for business on Monday, January 4, 2010.   We will post our next blog on Wednesday, January 5 and appreciate your support of our team holiday.  We look forward to communicating with you in the bright New Year ahead!