It’s the sound of the holidays in full swing as we all prepare.  The question is, prepare for what?

A lot of the sounds that I’ve been hearing are those of anxious buyers worried that they don’t have the right gifts purchased, pressured workers trying to wrap up all of their year-end loose ends so they can take some much-needed time off, excited children building up to shred presents and advertisers trying to drive us all to last-minute purchases.  Yikes!

That’s why I’m intentionally taking time to center myself on the reason for this season.  Regardless of your religious affiliation, this season represents a time of selfless giving, brotherly and sisterly love and a time to bring peace, joy and gratitude to the people in our lives and communities.  I am praying each day to rise above the din of the commercial messages and the “must do this and must do that” to give thanks.

I am profoundly grateful for all of the blessings of this beautiful life that God has given to me, including:

  • My special, loving husband, children, parents, siblings, and extended family
  • The dedicated, caring and difference-making team of professionals that I work play with
  • Our ambitious, committed and super-smart clients
  • My health, which still allows me to run hills and drive hard as I “mature”
  • This precious earth and all of its miracles

When your little voice tries to list its many priorities and worries, quiet it with prayers of gratitude and petitions for those who are struggling with illness, unemployment or loneliness.   I hope you are able to slow down and center your thoughts today, and this week, to hear the joyous sounds of the season – the uplifting music, the ringing of the bells, the squeals of delight, and the hush of the night. 

Make room in your heart for the joy and true miracles that this season brings.  Pray for peace people everywhere…listen to what I say!  (Click here to hear Carrie Underwood sing the carol this blog is based on -- one of my favorites!)



P.S.  To celebrate the joy of this season and honor our hard-working team at ConvergenceCoaching, we will close our offices from December 23 through January 2, reopening for business on Tuesday January 3, 2012.   We appreciate your support of our team holiday and look forward to being of service to you in the bright New Year ahead!