Empower Your Vision For 2012

With the New Year, many of us are making plans for our work projects for the next twelve months.  In my work, I hear many DREAMS about how things could be that are not attached to action plans.  I think of the dream as a product of the unconscious mind that is represented in a variety of images and can sometimes seem illusive.  When we generate a VISION from these images, we include an action plan, intermediate check points, and ways to determine the effectiveness of the design to fulfill that vision.  This gives us a chance to make necessary changes as we move forward and ultimately leads to a more positive result at the end.  This process is empowering because it is no longer hope and guesswork.

To illustrate moving a dream to a vision, last year, when a friend of mine, Teri's husband Joe, became ill and could no longer manage the family business, she was left with the challenge to do it all herself.  She had been the "behind the scenes" office person but Joe had been a one-man show for sales, marketing and general management.  Teri had always had a DREAM to run her own business someday, so she visited clients and vendors and hired part-time salespeople.  Eventually, she realized that she was not – and could not be Joe.  She decided instead to create a business of her own that offered the supportive services she was accustomed to doing for Joe.  She was excited about this possibility and even discovered that many of Joe's old clients would purchase the services that she had provided before as her husband's office manager.  She developed a VISION for her business and designed a business plan, used residual income from Joe's business for startup money, and began her own office services business.  She utilizes her already-developed skills and is passionate about the possibilities of growth for her new business.

What do you want for yourself at the end of 2012?  Do you have a DREAM that you should transition to a VISION?  Here are some ideas for bringing this about:

  • Paint a picture in your mind of your desired and anticipated results using all six senses - sight, smell, taste, touch, sound, intuition
  • Map a strategy to attain the end result, including:
    • What needs to be done when?
    • What resources do you need in people, money, time and supplies?
    • What other needs must be met?
    • How will you evaluate intermediate results and make adjustments along the way?
  • Share your vision with a committed listener with whom you can report status and brainstorm solutions to challenges and roadblocks that are sure to arise
  • Continue to visualize the necessary action taking place with the team that makes it possible
  • Express gratitude to all concerned throughout the year

is your vision for 2012?  Start now by sharing it here - AND EXPECT SUCCESS!


With Warm Regards,