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Brianna Johnson will be speaking on the following topics at the 2020 BDO Alliance USA Conference:

The Art of Query: Delivering Value by Asking the Right Questions (May 18th)

When we ask the right questions, we uncover strategic opportunities that drive value for others. We gain knowledge and intelligence by asking and listening. But most of us aren’t skilled in the art of query, so we tend to tell more than ask, talk more than listen. Truly trusted advisors want to learn more, so they can deliver more. In this exercise-based course, we’ll:

  • Understand the value and uses of query in all of your communications
  • Learn to generate questions that uncover information, drive learning, challenge, and evaluate
  • Gain confidence in your ability to ask the right questions at the right time

Leave this session with the tools you need to be a better coach to your people and advisor to your clients.


Becoming a Powerful and Effective Delegator (May 19th)

Delegation is a leadership must-have as no organization can grow, or survive succession, without encouraging its leaders to delegate. Unfortunately, real delegation is often desired and seldom practiced. At some point or another, we’re all guilty of one or more of the seven “sins” of delegation. In this session, we’ll explore ways to become better delegators to encourage the highest and best use for all team members, including:

  • Delegating with clarity by ensuring ownership and expectations are established
  • Ways to say no and how new requests fit into existing priorities
  • Avoiding the seven “sins” of delegation
  • Methods to ensure accountability for the things that are delegated occur

Attend this session to gain concrete strategies for empowering and developing others through powerful delegation!

(This event is limited to BDO Alliance Members.)

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