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Tuesday, September 21st

Samantha Mansfield will facilitate the following topics at the NDCPA 2021 Convention:

Reigniting our Passion

Accounting professionals have been on the front line of the economic recovery. You have been inundated with questions and fears and have had to maximize your specialized knowledge. And even though you rose to the challenge, you are not immune to the effects of the pandemic.

As leaders brace for “The Great Resignation,” you don’t have to wait to see if your organization will take a hit from a larger-than-normal wave of staff turnover. Instead, you can proactively engage your team members and reignite the passion that led them to a career in accounting. In this session, we will:

  • Associate certain personality types to communication techniques to provide a better chance for an open dialogue with your team members
  • Recognize the signs of burnout and strategies to help your people – and yourself -- recover
  • Define strategies for preserving your mental health beyond the “usual” recommendations
  • Identify 9 professional motivators to understand each team member’s motivators so you can develop tailored strategies to reengage
  • Recognize investment and development strategies to elevate your people going forward

There is no better time to be in accounting, but you have to be change-ready. Attend this session to identify the changes you can make to reignite the passion within your organization.

Successfully Managing Your Remote or Blended Workforce

The rapid move to social distancing caused us to quickly embrace remote work at all levels and in all work. As firms re-open their offices and begin to manage a blended environment with team members working from home, at clients and in firm offices, leaders must embrace flex and remote as a cultural non-negotiable. Attend this session to avoid four common leadership mistakes that inhibit you from successfully managing your remote talent and a blended workforce. We’ll learn methods for:

  • Shifting your mindset and identifying new must-haves for flex including trust and empowerment
  • Staying close to team members to engage them and provide the support they need to manage priorities and balance workload
  • Managing expectations around accessibility, response time, schedules and communication preferences
  • Maximizing technology to ensure efficiency and security

Attend this session to improve your ability to manage your remote and blended workforce through this pandemic and beyond!

*This event is reserved for members of the North Dakota Society of CPAs. 

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