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Monday, August 23, 2021: 1:00PM - 3:00 PM CT

The ConvergenceCoaching®, LLC Client Advisor Program™ kicks off on August 23rd!

This program opportunity is for experienced managers, senior managers and partners who control and manage client relationships and have some business development experience.

The ConvergenceCoaching Client Advisor Program™ (CAP) is an entirely remote, modular program designed to teach experienced CPAs and consultants advisory skills and strategies to deepen their client relationships, broaden the support they provide clients beyond compliance services and ultimately make a bigger difference in the lives and businesses of their clients.

The program seeks to teach CPAs and consultants how to identify their ideal clients for advisory and coaching services and implement various strategies and frameworks to develop deep rapport with clients, engage in query to uncover needs and to develop, scope, and price solutions, too. CAP participants will partake in five, web-based video roundtables covering a range of client-centric topics. After each roundtable, participants will complete specific homework assignments related to the ideas covered and will report back on their outcomes to experienced coaches who will provide them feedback. The result is participants become more indispensable to clients and drive growth with every module mastered.

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