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June 4, 2024

Jennifer Wilson will speak at AICPA's ENGAGE 2024 on the topic Most Common Roadblocks to Great Leadership on June 4th:

In years of leadership development and coaching, we've identified five common roadblocks that keep us from becoming the most inspirational, difference-making leaders we can be. In this engaging and interactive session, we'll explore the pitfalls we see most often, how you can overcome them yourself, and coach others to as well. We'll explore strategies for leaders to be more:

  • Visible, and speak up enough but not too much
  • Comfortable being vulnerable others
  • Trusting and investing with others
  • Connected and communicate with positivity and finesse
  • Open to expressing compassion and care for others

We can all improve in one or more of these areas, regardless of our level. Join us for an interesting, practical discussion of how to elevate inspirational leadership in yourself and your firm.

Learning Objectives:

  • Recognize common roadblocks that hinder leaders' ability to inspire and make a difference
  • Apply strategies to effectively coach others to be inspiring leaders
  • Apply the practice of vulnerability, trust-building, and compassion to build relationships and inspire others

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