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June 4, 2024

Jennifer Wilson will speak at the AICPA ENGAGE conference with the National Pipeline Advisory Group for ENGAGE Keynote: Unlocking the Future: Navigating the Accounting Talent Pipeline in a Dynamic Landscape:

Join us for an insightful keynote session led by members of the National Pipeline Advisory Group (NPAG), where we delve into a cohesive talent strategy designed to address root causes of a decline in accounting talent pipeline. As the accounting profession evolves, so do the demands on our workforce. How can we ensure a sustainable pipeline of skilled professionals to meet these challenges head-on? Let’s explore!

Session Highlights:

1. Presenting Conclusions: Deciphering the Blueprint

The NPAG has analyzed data, trends, and accounting profession dynamics to arrive at actionable conclusions. In this session, we will review the findings from our comprehensive report. What are the key takeaways? How can organizations leverage this knowledge to drive success? Get ready for data-backed insights that will shape your strategic decisions.

2. The NPAG Journey: From Insight to Impact

Discover how NPAG engaged with stakeholders throughout the profession to develop our recommendations. From stakeholder engagement to data-driven decision-making, we’ll walk through the collaboration and conversations that led to the proposed solutions.

3. Evergreen Strategies: Adapting to the Shifting Landscape

The NPAG’s vision extends beyond static solutions. Our approach is evergreen—continual evaluation, adaptation, and agility. Whether it’s technological disruptions, demographic shifts, or regulatory changes, we’re prepared.

4. AICPA Pipeline Acceleration Plan: Making an Impact

In addition to the NPAG strategy, we’ll review progress on items in the AICPA Pipeline Acceleration Plan. Learn about the Experience, Learn and Earn program, extended windows for CPA exam credits to carry forward and other developments that benefit the profession’s goal of increasing the talent pipeline.

Join us for the NPAG keynote session—it’s not just about the present; it’s about shaping the future of accounting.

Learning Objectives:

  • Gain actionable insights from NPAG’s research and recommendations that identify root causes of the decrease in accounting students in the pipeline.
  • Adapt your talent pipeline strategies for sustained success.
  • Recognize the role each person can play in helping address workforce issues.

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