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June 5, 2024

Jennifer Wilson will speak at AICPA's ENGAGE 2024 conference on the topic Becoming a More Powerful and Effective Delegator on June 5th:

Without delegation, there is no room for our own learning, growing, or work/life balance. And the development of our team members and leverage of our firm resources suffers, too. Great leaders delegate well, and they strive to "up their game" and delegate with more clarity, specificity, and empowerment. Attend this master class on delegation where we'll:

  • Address our delegation fears
  • Learn a delegation framework
  • Recognize steps to hold others more accountable for delegation
  • Identify common delegation pitfalls

We'll also muster the courage to say NO more without it feeling like pushback or lack of teamwork. Join us for a fun, interactive discussion on empowering and developing others through powerful delegation!

Learning Objectives:

  • Recognize the 6 steps to delegate with clarity and how to apply them
  • Identify the delegation pitfalls that most commonly afflict you and how they impact the culture and effectiveness of your team
  • Recognize ways to say no and prioritize and negotiate new requests

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