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June 5, 2023

Jennifer Wilson will speak at CPAFMA AICPA's ENGAGE 2023 on Solving the Staffing Problem: Admin to the Rescue! on June 5th from 3:00-4:15pm PT:

The shrinking accounting pipeline and workforce shortage calls for real innovation in staffing models so we can continue to deliver an excellent client experience and support our often-overwhelmed client-facing staff. Leading-edge firms are expanding their service lines to include new operational and client service personnel who break the traditional "admin" mold, participating directly in the client service delivery processes. Picture new team members who are planning ahead, projecting capacity, balancing resources, onboarding clients, gathering important client deliverables and signed agreements, loading client components onto portals, responding to client emails and inquiries, and generally removing all work from your advanced-degree audit, tax, accounting, and advisory team members. In this interactive session, we'll explore strategies for establishing a difference-making, non-CPA client team, including:

  • Recognizing the impact leverage and new staffing models will have on our firm's profitability and capacity to serve clients
  • Analyzing the negative impacts of assumptions, titles, and phrases commonly used to describe administrative team member and how small changes can change your firm's mindset around the role
  • Identifying roles and responsibilities operational and administrative team members can own
  • Determining how to establish clear career pathways and opportunities for growth for these new team members.

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