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September 19, 2023

Jennifer Wilson will speak on What's Your Firm's WOW Factor at CPAmerica's New Partner Group on September 19th:

Progressive firms well on their way to becoming a destination workplace positioning as having something special -- a single wow factor they can offer to talent and/or clients. These firms are positioning on WOW strategies like "we don't keep time at our firm," or "no one here works over 40 hours," or "we are a truly flexible anytime, anywhere workplace," or "we are a deep learning organization," or "we are SO FUN."

Attend this session to learn more about firms on the leading edge of talent attraction and understand how you can be there, too,

  • Define the importance of competitive differentiation in the current recruiting and retention landscape
  • List different employee-centered differentiators and ways to position your firm to stand out

Apply the concepts from this session to identify your firm's most compelling wow factor!

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