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Thursday, November 25th

Here's how it works: Starting on Thanksgiving Day, walk, run or exercise the equivalent of 1 mile every day through New Year's Day. The challenging part comes in scheduling it and making it happen every single day - without missing!

BONUS: If the streak isn’t tough enough, add in the weekly plank progression challenge: week 1 start by completing a 1 minute straight arm plank every day, week 2 move your plank to a forearm plank and hold for 1 minute 15 seconds every day, week 3 complete a side plank for 45-seconds on each side every day to total 1 minute 30 seconds, week 4 plank jack for 1 minute 45 seconds every day, week 5-6 straight arm plank with alternating shoulder taps for 2 minutes every day.

Share your stories about how you fit in your exercise each day, comment on other Holiday Streakers' posts, ask questions, or post words of encouragement to others on our Facebook page!

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