Managing the Return to Work After COVID-19

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Tuesday, June 9th, 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM CT

As countries and states begin opening up after social distancing, many firms are asking what a return to work might look like. Each jurisdiction has unique requirements and recommendations, so there is no perfect guidance. Amidst the uncertainty, the health and safety of your people, including clients and prospects, must remain the firm’s top priority. Relaxing the focus on safety could imperil the firm’s hard work to cultivate trust, engagement, motivation and retention among talent and prospects, and risk your hard-won brand in the marketplace. Attend this session for an interactive discussion about creating a return-to-work plan, including:

  • Developing agreed-upon commitments for health and safety for your stakeholders and selecting the right sources to inform your decisions
  • Planning for the return to work using a four-phased approach
  • Ensuring the right infrastructure to support your return
  • Offering options to stakeholders, including your employees, clients and prospects, who prefer to remain remote
  • Planning for a possible next wave of outbreak, social distancing and prioritizing changes

Attend this session to ensure a safe and orderly transition back to the workplace while safeguarding your reputation in the process.

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