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The results from the inaugural 2018 Client Accounting Advisory Services (CAS) Benchmark Survey are in! Join us for this 1-hour webinar where we’ll dig into the most noteworthy results from the survey. We’ll also delve into the importance of tracking the right benchmarks and KPIs and provide strategies to help you successfully participate in the 2020 survey. This session is valuable for practitioners with a growing or mature CAS practice as well as firm leaders just getting started with creating a viable CAS service line in their firm. Together we’ll discuss:

  • Key survey takeaways that illustrate the importance and value of a CAS practice in firms today
  • Pertinent benchmarks firms should track, along with changes you can make to simplify data gathering activities
  • The benefits of participating in the upcoming 2020 CAS Benchmark Survey
  • An inside look at the personalized reporting available to qualified survey participants
  • Steps you can take to prepare for the survey’s launch in June of 2020

Attend this session to identify areas of focus as you grow and develop your CAS practice in 2019 and beyond!

This session will be recorded and made available to all interested parties after the session is complete.


  1. Review baseline benchmarks of CAS practices to identify opportunities for improvement.
  2. Identify metrics firms may not be tracking, and explain why these metrics are key to monitoring the future development of this practice area.


Samantha Mansfield, Director, Professional Development & Community,
Jennifer Wilson, Partner, Co-Founder, CONVERGENCECOACHING
Renee Moelders, Consultant, CONVERGENCECOACHING

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