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Thursday, September 9th, 8:50AM ET

Jennifer Wilson will speak on the following topic at the Pennsylvania Institute of CPAs 2021 Leadership Conference:

Last fall, we had a rousing, and highly interactive discussion about shifts you can expect in the areas of talent, technology and client/customer experience post-pandemic. As we continue to define the next better, it’s more important than ever to anticipate changing market forces and commit to the right strategies to take your organization forward into the future. In this session, we’ll take a deeper dive into managing in a blended (remote and on-premise) work environment:

  • Trends in talent including embracing our “whole selves,” moving toward one-size-fits-one customization for team members, the true emergence of Anytime Anywhere Work and the impact that borderless reach can have on your strategies
  • Formalizing the move to blended work with both remote and office-based personnel through communication do’s and don’ts, setting the right tone from the top, and establishing new levels of trust and accountability
  • Technology to support collaboration and create a “next better” culture that blends our various work styles

Leave this session with new ideas and concrete strategies to help your organization remain flexible, change ready and competitively positioned as a great place to work.

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