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Jennifer Wilson will present on the following topic of at the PKF International 2019 North America Conference in Nashville, TN on June 4th.

Engaging Your NextGen Clients and Team Members

The U.S. is anticipating unprecedented change due to technological advances and the rise of NextGen talent in the workplace. In this session, we’ll explore strategies to proactively prepare for and drive change in the way your firm operates, serves clients, and develops and manages people to respond to these changes. When you anticipate and engage change, you’ll be more effective at attracting and retaining clients and talent and retaining your competitive advantage.

In this half-day workshop, we’ll:

  • Explore and prioritize changes in Talent, Technology and Client Experience
  • Discuss concrete strategies for:
    • Improving overall employee engagement
    • Engaging with NextGen clients more effectively
    • Managing technology initiatives and implementation
  • Learn how to open a dialogue of needed changes with YOUR NextGen team members and creating a culture of change acceptance with your traditionalists

We’re looking forward to a highly interactive workshop. Each person will be encouraged to make one commitment to help your people and your clients succeed – and your firm thrive!

Registration for the Spring 21-22 Transformational Leadership Program™ is now open!

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