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June 5, 2024

Renee Moelders will speak at AICPA's ENGAGE conference on the topic Accountability in a Remote and Flexible Environment on June 5th:

Here's a bold statement - most firms, teams, and leaders aren't clear about expected performance. When expectations ARE clear, projects run smoothly, and teams feel "in sync" with one another. When expectations AREN'T clear, everyone involved feels out of touch and uncertain about whether they are on track. This applies in any environment - in-person, remote, or blended. However, when we work away from one another, establishing clear expectations is even more important. Leave this session prepared to create a more accountable, functional, effective, and motivated team, no matter where or when they're working!

Learning Objectives:

  • Recognize elements of an environment of clear expectations, including fundamental leadership behaviors and strategies that will create more clarity and accountability
  • Identify old norms that hold your firm back from creating a more count-on-able environment and new paradigms that fit the more-remote and flexible work world you're operating in today
  • Summarize the fundamentals of delegation and best practices for handing work off to any team member, along with specific strategies for collaborating with remote and asynchronous team members
  • Implement communication models that will facilitate more intentional and consistent connection in a flexible environment

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