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June 4, 2024

Renee Moelders will speak with Nicole Davis at AICPA's ENGAGE 2024 on the topic Stop Walking the Tightrope - Manage Your Clients! on June 4th:

Here's a hard but universal truth about client service: your clients don't understand your business and aren't aware of the specific issues and challenges you may face as an accounting firm. Great client managers strike a balance between a positive client experience, things that make sense for the firm's team members, and sticking to the vision of their firm. In the current environment of scare talent, rising costs, and necessary business model transformations, client managers should take care not to over-emphasize clients and ignore firm and people needs. Attend this session to identify the five firm, your clients, and your team members.

Learning Objectives:

  • Recognizing the critical components of a quality work product
  • Generating a staffing plan that makes sense for both the firm and team members while honoring the natural role changes that occur in your business
  • Producing a quality, desirable, "high touch" service plan with a hybrid and asynchronous team
  • Identifying possible project timelines that are win-win for both your team and client (and producing a compelling story for why your ideal timeline can work for the client)
  • Recalling that pricing has to reflect the value you bring and the risk of services, too

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