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September 22, 2022

Samantha Mansfield will speak on the following topic at CPAmerica's Firm Management Roundtable.

Planning High Impact Partner Retreats (audience COOs, FA, Ops, Controllers)

10:45am - 12:00pm ET

This session is intended as an interactive presentation in which Samantha guides attendees in new ways to reinvigorate the traditional partner retreat with future focused content such as succession, niche services, staff management, mental health initiatives, DEI. Participants would leave this session with new ideas of how to get partners more involved in the retreat on a level more than just reviewing financials and discussing bench strength, etc.

Building Leaders and Teaching Soft Skills in a Hybrid Work Environment

2:10pm - 3:50pm ET

This session would discuss how firms can build leadership and soft skills in the new hybrid work environment. How can you create an equal balance of the benefits someone gains by being in the office on a daily basis (directly working with partners and managers), with virtual support and work environments when an individual may not speak directly to their supervisors or team members on a regular basis?

*This event is limited to CPAmerica members.

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