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July 29, 2022

Tamera Loerzel will speak on the following topic at CPAmerica's MW/NE Regional Meeting.

Exploring Performance-Based Partner Compensation

A properly designed and well-thought-out partner compensation system can drive desired behaviors and inspire your partner group to achieve high performance. Likewise, a poorly designed system will drive unwanted behaviors and discourage a unified, one-firm culture. In this session, we’ll explore an approach to compensation that rewards those who contribute to a unified strategy and:

• Understand the role of trust in any compensation plan and balancing the inherent self-interest of each partner with what’s right and fair for the group
• Associate the potential cause-effect relationship between compensation and your firm’s buy/sell and governance models
• Recognize the role of transparency in determining partner compensation and the pros and cons of open and closed compensation systems
• Define the mechanics for structuring a fair, rewarding and understandable compensation plan for your partners that can also be leveraged for other team members in your firm

Apply these concepts to transform your partner compensation system so it rewards partners for both individual and overall firm success!

*This event is limited to CPAmerica members.

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