Webinar: Managing in an Increasingly Virtual World

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Today’s competition for talent is driving organizations to allow more employees to work from a place of their choosing, especially with technology currently in place in most firms that makes virtual work simple and seamless. Employees gain more control over where they perform work and firms benefit, too, by engaging and retaining employees and acquiring the ability to recruit outside of their geographic area. Attend this session to prepare your firm to successfully manage virtual employees and in the process, elevate your supervision, productivity and results of the whole team.

Together we’ll:

  • Learn strategies to provide your team more control over when and where they work without giving up productivity, efficiency or client service
  • Highlight the importance of trust in a virtual (or any!) relationship and what can get in the way of creating a trusting environment
  • Discuss how to leverage intentional touchpoints, huddles and technology to strengthen virtual relationships and maintain your firm’s culture
  • Weigh in on the common complications that arise with virtual work programs and learn strategies to proactively plan for them

Leave this session with the confidence that you can successfully grow your firm and serve your clients with both on-premise and virtual employees!

Registration for the Spring 21-22 Transformational Leadership Program™ is now open!

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