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Thursday, September 23rd, 10:00AM CT

Tamera Loerzel and Renee Moelders will facilitate a 100-minute webinar eligible for 2 CPE on the following topic hosted by CPA Crossings:

The capacity challenge has been going on since the dawn of time in public accounting but certainly has been more pronounced recently with graduates in high demand. Firms feel understaffed for the high-volume periods. People feel flattened out when finishing busy seasons, including partners. Firms must stop talking about the capacity problem and start solving it. In this discussion, we'll explore:

  • Utilizing non-traditional talent in revenue-producing, client-facing roles inside your service lines
  • Strategically right-sizing certain areas of your business by culling clients (really!) and ensuring that incentives drive the right behaviors from client leaders
  • Pooling or segregating certain types of services into delivery teams to drive efficiency
  • Outsourcing, offshoring and using fractional team members to create an “off/on” source for peak periods

Leave this session with ideas to resolve your firm’s capacity challenge once and for all!

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