Such devastation. The September 11 terrorist attack on our nation. The impact of hurricane Irma in Florida and the southeast. The mayhem left behind by hurricane Harvey in Texas.

As we’ve prayed about these events this week, we have also been praying for my partner, and long-time bestie, Tamera Loerzel, as she and her family celebrated the life of her father, Terry, who passed away on Labor Day after a valiant battle with cancer.

The loss and sadness associated with these events can make it easy to become overwhelmed and to even allow fear and hopelessness to creep in.

But God (or whatever name you may use) always provides a bright light. And the bright light for me this week came in the amazing reminder that there is love and support all around us, and available to us, in the form of our family, friends, neighbors, first responders, military service personnel and from complete strangers, too. In the face of devastation, destruction, loss, violence, and hate, there are always those who will lend a hand, join your cause, and ease your pain.

Examples of these everyday heroes fill the stories of 9/11 – people who rushed into the buildings while others were rushing out, people who risked their lives to lead others to safety and so much more. We have seen similar images from both Harvey and Irma – neighbors helping neighbors, 1st responders risking safety to rescue others, local businesses providing refuge.

Witnessing my partner’s journey these past few weeks, she has been uplifted by the kind acts of hospice workers, her neighbors, her church family, co-workers, clients, friends and family, too. Her pathway is painful but there are many sharing her pain, working to ease her suffering.

As I write this blog today, I am humbled by the generosity and love of others and I know that this is truly God’s love, freely shared with each of us, in the gesture, words or touch of another human being.

Everyday heroes. Always present. Ready to act in support. How can we live in fear knowing this? To me, today, there is nothing more hopeful or empowering as that.