As we approach Thanksgiving, we’re reminded of the beneficial practice of gratitude. In a year unlike any other, focusing on our blessings serves so much purpose. It reminds us of all the positive aspects of our lives and the miracle we live every day just by being alive on this earth. It helps us feel appreciation and fulfillment and makes us feel good.

The ConvergenceCoaching team recently undertook a gratitude exercise together in honor of the upcoming holiday. We thought about all of the things – big or small – for which we are personally grateful. Some things were simple pleasures that bring joy into our daily lives. Others were appreciation for loved ones or faith. Many of us shared common areas of gratitude and we also had unique and different blessings we experience that are specific to our interests. Some of the things shared related to experiences during this unprecedented year.

Among those blessings are our gratitude for our relationships with you – our clients and our friends. We are grateful for this work we do and the difference we make for and with others.

We wish you and your loved ones a healthy, safe and renewing holiday.

And please check out the gratitude graphic below to see just some of the things our team members are grateful for this year. And, if you’re willing, share what you’re grateful for in the comments!